Tessa Horrocks


Tessa Horrocks is a printmaking artist who uses the intaglio technique collagraph to create her images. Tessa's work is influenced by the natural world and the positive energy that it brings her. She grew up in the countryside and spent a lot of her childhood in fields and forests, it is the joy of these surroundings and being immersed in the miniature world of plants and insects that has stayed with her throughout her life as an artist.

Tessa rarely starts with a rigid idea of how an image will look; she often works directly on the plate and lets the materials lead her. She enjoys the excitement and freedom of working like this, until a composition appears – often a sort of imaginary landscape. Tessa uses a mixture of dry point and collagraph techniques and her plates are made from card. The fragility of the plates means the editioning is kept short and Tessa often makes unique one-off prints. All her work is printed on Somerset paper, using an etching press.

© Tessa Horrocks 2010